My critique of The Resurgence’s article, “Marriage and the single girl”


The original article:

…and my responses, point by point:

“1. Maximize your bandwidth – You have free time right now in ways you may not have for decades. How are you using that free time?”

Go out on dates.

2. Take captive your thoughts – The longer a woman who wants to get married is single, the more she thinks about one thing—marriage.”

2. Use not odd word order
…and marriage is probably not the only thing she’s thinking about more.

“3. Serve others – Extended singleness can feed the hungry lion of selfishness. Since you have only yourself to care for, you will consume all of your energy.”

I don’t understand how these two sentences go together.
And self-care is under, not overrated.

“4. Be accountable – Singleness can become a moral minefield if you walk it out of Christian community and unaccountable.”

…because the church is better at teaching a shallow, unreflective chastity than it is at teaching character and how to honor the fullness of others.

“5. Learn to be under authority – Biblical submission is speaking up and stating your case to those over you, and then if opinions differ, deferring to authority with gladness.”

Need a feminism cleanup on aisle 5, stat!

“6. Repent to others – Practice repentance so that your husband marries a woman with a soft heart.”

…assuming he’s into that sort of thing.

“7. Practice hospitality – Invite some girlfriends over for dinner as guinea pigs.”

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.


“8. Live alone and live with others – Most likely, your future husband will also live differently than you.”

Unless you marry a clone.


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