We are always praying; the question is to whom

“Often I end up wasting way more time surfing the web aimlessly out of anxiety than I spend sitting and listening to God without distraction; I’m praying to the Internet.

So for me the challenge is to learn how to “waste” time with God not having any agenda other than His presence. In other words, not looking to snatch an insight from him that I can then blast out to the world. If I come to Him always to acquire knowledge that is “useful” for building up myself, then the frantic pursuit of useful knowledge and the resulting self-satisfaction is the god I am praying to and God is just a piggy bank that I’m shaking to get to what I really want.”


Photo by: David Blackwell


Article: http://morganguyton.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/we-are-always-praying-the-question-is-to-whom/


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