Why We Left the Church (Our Stories)

(This is an interesting companion to the piece I linked to yesterday: Why I’m not leaving the church)


I left because my youth pastor lied to me. I shared things with him that he said would “be between us and God.” A week later half the congregation knew what I had told him.”

The hardest part is that I feel like I have to do all this searching and seeking alone. I have questions that I’m terrified to ask because I don’t want to just be slapped over the head with a Bible and have various verses spewed at me. I can’t speak for the rest of my generation, but when it comes to church I just want to feel safe. It’s not always about rebelling, and I wish older generations could recognize and understand that.

“While I haven’t cut off my relationship with the church, I keep her at arm’s length and don’t trust her. We dance, but it’s a tango and I’ve got my eye on the door. Because an institution holds power, and power has killed the Gospel for me once too often. I don’t belong, and I know it too well. I feel like my welcome in a church is a conditional thing, dependent on my best behavior.”


Image source and article: http://redemptionpictures.com/2013/08/01/why-we-left-the-church/


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