A New Kind of Christian Worldview


The things I believe about God, myself, and the world are radically different. I’m shaking my head at those eager attempts to convert the Not Good Enough Christians and make them the Like Us Christians. I’m more aghast at the presumption that with a few leading questions, we could know enough about a stranger to proclaim their spiritual state or that we’d demand such personal information.. I can tell you exactly how wrong we were to label our own as opponents and try to beat them, not to mention the way we disrespected other faiths.


Image source and article: http://deeperstory.com/a-new-kind-of-christian-worldview/


2 thoughts on “A New Kind of Christian Worldview

  1. That’s good stuff!

  2. I know. I always feel affinity with the people on the outs. The other faiths and as you say “not good enough” Christians. Who’s to say but God that it’s not really me after all? What if I meet God and God says I’m the one who got it wrong. If only for that reason we should be able to respect the faith, as imperfect as it may be, of others. Though that’s a lesson I have cast aside for groups like the Phelps, but at least I’m already saying who am I to advise.

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