This is what misogyny looks like in the media [VIDEO]

Never mind the fact that, just before the section I quote below, neither Hannity nor Cunningham address the question that Holder just asked about Bush and the debt ceiling. No, instead of answering her question, Cunningham launches into a half-baked argument about the national debt (even though the topic at hand was the debt ceiling) surrounded by dismissive remarks about Tamra’s intelligence and appearance.

2:15 Bill Cunningham: “This woman has lost her mind, no question about that. Let me help you with math. When your friend, Obama, took office, the national debt was about 9 1/2 or 10 trillion. Now it’s 17 on its way to 20. In my simple, Catholic grade school math, that’s about a 10 trillion dollar increase under 8 years of Obama. Is 20 greater than 10, Tamra? Earth to Tamra, is 20 greater than 10?”

Tamara Holder: “Are you talking to me like I’m an alien? Or because I didn’t go to Catholic school?”

BC: “You don’t look like a Catholic girl to me.”

TH: “His comments… are you listening to this Sean?”

Sean Hannity: “Well, what Bill Cunningham is saying is that…”

TH: “Are you listening to this, Sean?”

SH: “What did he say?”

TH: “I don’t look like a Catholic girl – what do I look like? What do I look like?”

BC: “Farrah Fawcett wannabe.”


Click through for video:


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