When Keepin’ It Illegal Goes Wrong

Republican Loses Dream Of Banning Sodomy


3:15 …90 people who are sex offenders will be dropped from Virginia’s sex offender registry because the law itself has become invalid. They could have kept the good parts, but Cuccinelli, like the rabid right wingers, said, “no! I’ve gotta have everything, I’m gonna make it all illegal if you’re not having the kind of natural sex I’m into.”

Read more at: http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2013-10-07/local/42786051_1_terry-mcauliffe-child-predators-virginia-s

H/T: http://www.bestoftheleftpodcast.com/764-because-family-values-lgbtq-rights/

And of course the title is a play off of the Chappelle Show’s sketch, “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”


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