What happened when I started a feminist society at school




The more girls started to voice their opinions about gender issues, the more vitriolic the boys’ abuse became. One boy declared that “bitches should keep their bitchiness to their bitch-selves #BITCH” and another smugly quipped, “feminism doesn’t mean they don’t like the D, they just haven’t found one to satisfy them yet.” Any attempt we made to stick up for each other was aggressively shot down with “get in your lane before I par [ridicule] you too”, or belittled with remarks like “cute, they got offended”.

Quote source and article: www.theguardian.com/education/mortarboard/2013/jun/20/why-i-started-a-feminist-society


Rehtaeh Parsons is dead

First Stubenville, now Nova Scotia. Rehtaeh was failed by her classmates, her school, the community, the authorities, and the judicial system.

Replace rape culture with consent culture.
Shame rapists, not victims!


Image source and article: http://feministing.com/2013/04/10/rehteah-parsons-is-dead/