Think America Is A Level Playing Field? Think Again.

What’s faster than light-speed trading? Inside Wall Street’s sketchy early access schemes

Traders are paying for light-speed microwave networks, and still getting beaten to the punch

When information travels too fast for human monitoring, it opens markets up to more predatory deals, operating while regulators are blinded by the speed of the trades. While some traders trust that they’ll arrive first because of high-tech systems, another class are paying for early access or outright leaks, gaming the market in secret.


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Next time you hear a conservative refer to rich corporations as “job creators,” think of these charts

Here’s Who To Blame For America’s Lousy Economy…


“CHART TWO: Wages as a percent of the economy are at an all-time low. Why are corporate profits so high? One reason is that companies are paying employees less than they ever have as a share of GDP. And that, in turn, is another reason the economy is so weak. Those ‘wages’ represent spending power for American consumers. American consumer spending is revenue for other companies. So the profit maximization obsession of American corporations is actually starving the rest of the economy of revenue growth.”

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The Bottom Line
One of the big reasons the U.S. economy sucks is that, after three decades of ever-more obsessive focus on ‘shareholder value,’ our corporations and their owners have become myopic and greedy. Instead of investing in the future, and sharing more of their vast wealth with the people who generate it (their employees), they are hoarding their cash and maximizing their short-term profitability.

This business philosophy might–might–prop up their stock prices for the near-term.

But it’s also gutting the middle class and crippling the overall economy. And, in the process, ironically, it is constraining revenue growth for the same corporations that are trying to scrimp and save their way to maximized profitability.

It’s time for Americans to rethink our current business philosophy.”

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