25 Dresses for 25 Cities [VIDEO]


German designer Jule Waibel has created 25 of her gowns for folded Bershka brand in several cities worldwide paper. Jule Waibel product dresses by hand using large sheets of paper printed patterns and then folded into shapes that correspond to the body.

Image source and full article: http://www.fubiz.net/en/2014/04/04/25-dresses-for-25-cities/

16 Ways Progressive Christians Interpret the Bible


I especially like 6, 9, and 15.

6. We realize that there is no “objective, one, right way” to interpret a passage – and we recognize that there is no reading of any text – including the Bible – that doesn’t involve interpretation. We also realize that each person interprets the text via their own personal experiences, education, upbringing, socio-political context, and more.

9. We seek to read passages in context – within their chapter, within their book, within their genre, and within the over-arching thrust of the Bible.

15. We do as much of the above as we can with fellow Christians in community with others. We avoid doing it solely as a solo endeavor. (We also tend to be open to doing this in community with Jews and Muslims, as fellow “people of the Book” whose insights are often invaluable)

Image source and full article: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/rogerwolsey/2014/01/16-ways-progressive-christians-interpret-the-bible/

Chart: Movies that pass the Bechdel test have a better return on investment


…even when crippled by small budgets, female-driven films tend to outperform expectations. The total median gross return on investment for a film that passed the Bechdel test was $2.68 for each dollar spent, compared to only $2.45 for films that failed. And despite the claims of some within the industry that films with strong female leads don’t do well internationally, they hold their own abroad as well.

Image source and full article: http://feministing.com/2014/04/02/charts-movies-that-pass-the-bechdel-test-have-a-better-return-on-investment/

As Demographics Shift, Kids’ Books Stay Stubbornly White


Publishers might want to catch up a lot sooner, though. According to new data from the Census Bureau, nearly half of today’s children under 5 years old are non-white.


Image source and full article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2013/06/25/193174358/as-demographics-shift-kids-books-stay-stubbornly-white