This is what rape culture looks and sounds like

“Let me be clear: I don’t believe that previously non-raping audience members are going to take to the streets in a rape mob after hearing one rape joke. That’s an absurd and insulting mischaracterization. But I do believe that comedy’s current permissiveness around cavalier, cruel, victim-targeting rape jokes contributes to (that’s contributes—not causes) a culture of young men who don’t understand what it means to take this stuff seriously.

And how did they try and prove me wrong? How did they try to demonstrate that comedy, in general, doesn’t have issues with women? By threatening to rape and kill me, telling me I’m just bitter because I’m too fat to get raped, and suggesting that the debate would have been better if it had just been Jim raping me.”


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Is Gender-Flipping The Most Important Meme Ever?

“The basic skill to develop, though, is the one that lies at the heart of flipping: asking, “What if?” If I were a woman, would I talk to me at parties? If women told men their complaints were irrelevant, would that attitude be worth worth fighting? If I were writing about a male musician, would I talk about his clothes and his famous exes this much? If I drew Hawkeye in the pose I’m sketching Black Widow in right now, would he look ridiculous?”


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Does Hollywood Revolve Around Men? “One Man” Video Says Yes

“Of the top 250 grossing films in the U.S. in 2012, 9% were directed by women and 15% of the scripts were written by women. Of the top 250 films, women comprise 18% of all directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors. Only 33% of speaking roles in movies belong to women.

You might also be thinking, ‘But these are just trailers. Who cares about the trailers??’ But movie trailers, just like advertising in general, affect us.”


Christians, Their Media Portrayal & Myth

Fascinating and unexpected.

“There came a point, like early on in the show, where I just noticed that the way that Christians are portrayed in movies and on television is almost always as these crazy people. You know, like these doctrinaire, hothead, crazy people. Whereas Christians in my life are incredibly wonderful and thoughtful and had very ambiguous, complicated feelings in their beliefs, and seemed to be totally generous hearted and totally open to a lot of different kinds of people in their lives.” 1:16

Media Trust Poll Reveals Deep Polarization

“So, essentially what we have is a country in which people on the left and the right each have their own media institutions from which they get their own versions of reality. How, exactly, we’re supposed to combat polarization as long as that’s the case I haven’t the slightest clue.”