The Christian wife-spanking movement

File this squarely under WTF? It’s hard to believe but the facts about this movement get worse the more you read.

There are very detailed instructions for how to administer the spankings. There is more than one type of spanking: beginner, intermediate, advanced, blended, maintenance. There’s even a “punishment generator” app into which you can plug in misbehaviors and a menu of punishments.


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4 thoughts on “The Christian wife-spanking movement

  1. this is the most non Christian thing I’ve ever seen. it totally pisses me off. this is why people pass judgment on Christians and lump us all together as crazies! if you know nothing about Christianity, why would you ever want to be a part of something that promotes this? I wouldn’t! as a Christian woman, I am offended by this and some of the other nutty things I’ve heard “Christians” come up with. these people should be ashamed. disgusting!
    let me please just say for those of you reading this who are not Christians, WE ARE NOT ALL NUTS! WE DON’T BELIEVE THIS CRAP EITHER!
    find a Christian in their right mind, yes we do exist, and ask them about what they believe.

  2. Reblogged this on Reflections of Childhood… and commented:
    Please take a minute to read this. If you are a Christian, let people know we don’t ascribe to this type of garbage espoused by some “Christians”.

  3. I’ve never read anything so utterly ridiculous as this in a long time! Any man who thinks ‘Spanking’ his wife, needs either a good spanking himself or to seek psychiatric help. insanity,to be sure!

  4. As always, there are two sides to every story. The reporter’s sensationalised and distorted version and the much less spectacular and more ordinary truth.

    I am acquainted with the couple on whom the article is based and, while they do happen to be a Christian couple, they *do not* claim that the practise of wife spanking is endorsed by, or even referred to, in the bible. Nor do they view what they do as connected with Christianity or as “Spanking for Jesus”. It was the reporter who invented all these “facts” and published them.

    There are a number of serious inaccuracies in the article which demonstrate the reporter’s complete lack of research and her distortion of the content of the interview.

    To begin with, adult domestic discipline is nothing new or unusual and it is not confined to a few thousand practitioners, but rather tens of thousands on the internet alone, many of them older couples who have been using it fur the duration of their marriages..

    Secondly, it is a consensually agreed private practise that takes place strictly between consenting adults – meaning that it does not involve children – and is most often introduced at the request of the female partner.

    Thirdly, the female partner is *not* required to be completely submissive to the male partner and it is most often the case that the couple relate as equals except in specified areas in which they have mutually agreed that he may have jurisdiction over her. There are no ‘rules’ that say he has to spank her and, if he does, no set in stone requirement to spank in a particular way or use implements with which to spank.

    While it would certainly not be right for every couple, the people who choose to practise it find that *for them* it works in a positive way that increases their closeness and loving connection. No-one for whom it has no appeal is under any pressure to adopt the practise themselves and since it is a private affair between partners in the privacy of their own home, it harms or affects no-one else.

    While, because it takes place between adult intimate partners, it does often have a sexual component, that is not the focus of or the primary purpose of the exercise.

    Overall, just like the private choice to have a particular type of sex that might not appeal to every other couple, it is a personal choice that should not require the consent or approval of persons not in the relationship.

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