Big Oil Seems Downright Puny When Seen From Space

The pumps in each photo typify the multitudes of identical pumps strewn across the American landscape, endlessly dipping and rising like thirsty birds. To Henner, an aerial perspective allows for a sort of super-vision and a view of the larger implications of industry.


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India Plans To Build The Largest Solar Plant In The World

Alternate title: Another sign that America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore.

The finished plant would be comparable in power production to the four in-progress coal-fired Ultra Mega Power Plants (UMPP) under production, at 4 gigawatts of power. But those plants are struggling to hold prices low due to reliance on imported low-carbon coal. The solar plant’s operations won’t be subject to any such constraints.


…and of course this story makes me think of this:

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The Poo-Eating Bug That’s Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

manure-eating dung beetles aerate “cow pats” — or cattle manure. This aeration process reduces the anaerobic conditions — places with essentially no oxygen — that cause methane to seep from the manure piles. As one of the study’s researches explains in a press release, this is good news for climate change


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Fox News Geniuses Can’t Figure Out Why Miami Beach Is Eroding [VIDEO]

Fox News reported on the “very unusual problem” of diminishing sand at Florida beaches, terming it an “environmental … crisis of the future.” However, the network did not mention that phenomenon’s connection to sea level rise, a major consequence of climate change.

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Anchovies, orgies, and Isabella Rossellini [VIDEO]

0:48 The anchovies do everything together. Even mating (in big orgies)!

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One of the World’s Greenest Commercial Buildings Opens Today

I love this city.

“…the center’s photovoltaic roof array will generate as much energy as the building uses. A huge rainwater filtration system will collect and filter every bit of rain that falls. Five gigantic composting bins process “matter” from the toilets, and the structure itself was built using completely non-toxic materials—a rarity in construction.”

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