Ballsy – A Short Film [VIDEO]

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A man goes extreme distances to escape a rather persistent stalker.


Layers of Color Revealed on Walls

German artist 1010 transforms with talent the city walls he visits with graphics interventions of high quality, giving a sense of depth through layers of paint.


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This 98-Year-Old Man Spent 13 Years Creating Remarkable Art in MS Paint [VIDEO]


While most people have long since abandoned MS Paint as an outdated graphics application, Lasko has spent the last 13 years using the program to digitally create works of art, spending up to 10 hours a day on his work.

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Abstract Foam Layers Form Realistic Animal Sculptures

From up close, viewers can inspect the details of each sculpture, including the soft texture of the material as well as the odd-shaped layers reminiscent of rock formations. In the wild, it’s best to maintain a safe distance from these animals. However, in the pixelated, still life form, each cuddly creature appears quite friendly and approachable.


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Watch Anthony Howe’s hypnotic 3D art go from conception to reality [VIDEO]


much of his designs appear to be best suited to a low wind which leads to the slower, hypnotic motion that defines much of his work. “Anything will work in a 50-knot wind, you know… just put a piece of metal out on the table and it’ll blow away, that’s kinetic,” Howe says. “But to make it spin at about one knot, that’s harder.”


Layers of Glass on Objects

Born in Tokyo and living in Dusseldorf, Ramon Todo imagine beautiful creations by inserting glass blocks in various objects. Splendid and surrealist works, using volcanic rocks, books or fragments of the Berlin Wall that can be found at Art Front Gallery.


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