First Inflatable Concert Hall

From September 27th to October 13th, the project Ark Nova held in Japan proposes to discover a inflatable mobile auditorium will host a concert Lucerne Festival Orchestra. Installed in Matsushima, this incredible creation was designed by artist Anish Kapoor and directed by the architecture studio Arata Isozaki.

This thing is beautiful, but this view of the concert hall just looks like a big butt.


Image source and article – click through for more flattering pictures of the concert hall. Trust me, it’s amazeballs.:


Inside the Cardboard Chapel That Replaced an Earthquake-Ruined Church


“The tubes themselves are coated in polyurethane and flame retardants to keep away mold and fire, and are designed to last decades beyond even 2063, which is when Christchurch aims to have its permanent cathedral up and running.”

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The Builders of This (47 storey) Spanish Skyscraper Forgot the Elevator


“The original design obviously included specifications for an elevator big enough for a 20-storey building. In the process of scaling things up, however, nobody thought to redesign the elevator system—and, naturally, a 47-storey building requires more space for its lifts and motor equipment. Sadly, that space doesn’t exist.”

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Redundant video commentary:

One of the World’s Greenest Commercial Buildings Opens Today

I love this city.

“…the center’s photovoltaic roof array will generate as much energy as the building uses. A huge rainwater filtration system will collect and filter every bit of rain that falls. Five gigantic composting bins process “matter” from the toilets, and the structure itself was built using completely non-toxic materials—a rarity in construction.”

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