Top 10 Most Dangerous States for Women (and a bit about why)

A 2002 study from researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that although the United States represented only 32 percent of the female population among 25 high-income countries, it accounted for 84 percent of all female firearm homicides.


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For Past Three Years, The Rich Saw Income Grow While Everyone Else Made Less

The gap between the employment rate for the highest income Americans and the lowest income ones is the widest in a decade.


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Whether Facebook Makes You Lonely Depends On How You Use It

How did these studies come up with such starkly different results? It all has to do with how you actually use Facebook. Are you actively liking, commenting and chatting with others on the platform? Or are you passively lurking?

Studies show active users get positive brain stimuli when engaging with the Facebook platform, while lurkers tend to feel increases in loneliness and dissatisfaction.


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Ten Ways Criminal Justice Is One Of The Great Civil Rights Crises Of Our Time

OMG, number three!

The New York Police Department city made more stops of young black men in 2011 than there are young black men in the city, as part of its aggressive stop-and-frisk program that a federal judge deemed racial profiling earlier this month. In the years since, the NYPD has decreased the number of stops, but the disproportionate impact on blacks and Hispanics remains dramatic.


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7 graphs that prove America is overrated

“Even as women have made strides in many areas of political life, Congress remains male dominated. From the galleries above, the Senate and House floors often appear to be a sea of red and blue ties, with the occasional mid-calf red skirt suit floating among them. Until just a few months ago, there wasn’t even a women’s restroom near the House floor.”


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Chart of the Day: White men are 31% of the population but 58% of evening cable news guests

“White men make up only 31 percent of the population, but they represented 62 percent of guests on CNN, 60 percent on Fox, and 54 percent on MSNBC. Consequently, as the chart below shows, white women and non-white men are underrepresented, and non-white women are super underrepresented.”


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MSNBC more biased than Fox News

Ouch! Didn’t want to post this, but I do try to be balanced in my political criticism. This is the kind of thing that’s tearing our country apart.

“More biased than Fox News: In the week before the 2012 election MSNBC did not run a single bad story about Obama nor a single good one about Romney. Not even Fox News was that bad! Only one host seemed to openly oppose Obama’s drone policy – Joe Scarborough, their token Republican.”


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