For Past Three Years, The Rich Saw Income Grow While Everyone Else Made Less

The gap between the employment rate for the highest income Americans and the lowest income ones is the widest in a decade.


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Three Infuriating Facts About Wall Street CEOs Five Years After The Crisis

Fully one-third of the highest-paid financial industry CEOs of the past two decades have been fired, bailed out, or busted for fraud.

Meanwhile, 11.3 million Americans remain unemployed, with tens of millions more having dropped out of the workforce or struggling to survive on low-wage part-time service industry jobs.


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Banks Make Record Profits In Second Quarter

(Maybe the invisible hand is invisible because it doesn’t exist.)

At the same time, banker pay is set to spike up above the 2009 bonus levels that brought criticism on the industry. The banks aren’t just on track to pay $127 billion in compensation and $23 billion in bonuses. They’re also returning to the dangerous compensation structures that helped drive the fraudulent behavior and gambler’s mentality underlying the financial crisis.


Startling Infographics Show NYC’s Massive Income Inequality

In his most recent visualization project, the Pittsburgh-based artist and researcher re-imagines what the city’s skyline would look like if building height were a direct reflection of a neighborhood’s net household wealth. “I was inspired to create this project after standing atop Mt. Washington in my hometown of Pittsburgh and looking at the Pittsburgh skyline,” he explains. “I thought to myself, ‘What if you could actually see inequality?’


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House of Un-Representatives

Republican government of some, by some, for some?

“As a whole, Congress has never been more diverse, except the House majority. There are 41 black members of the House, but all of them are Democrats. There are 10 Asian-Americans, but all of them are Democrats. There are 34 Latinos, a record — and all but 7 are Democrats. There are 7 openly gay, lesbian or bisexual members, all of them Democrats.

Only 63 percent of the United States population is white. But in the House Republican majority, it’s 96 percent white. Women are 51 percent of the nation, but among the ruling members of the House, they make up just 8 percent.”


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