Beyond Every Generation-Church Talk

Seems like this is talk-about-the-church week. I already posted these two posts and I really like Jonnie Russell’s take on the state of the church today.


“We are not God’s viceroys or regency, meant to manage the church as something for our God above. In other words, I think the more classically transcendent the God, the more static and institutionalized the form of church. The more static the institution of ‘the church,’ the more eerily concerned with membership and self-identity the body becomes (think from the conservative right through the evangelical spectrum and how and where these membership and identity questions arise).”

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Death of God… the documentary

Fascinating stuff. Not easy, certainly provocative and controversial, but I find some of these ideas fascinating (which isn’t necessarily the same thing as saying that I agree).


what is happening IN religion – or when we talk about God

There’s a lot of really interesting, really provocative, and really necessary work being done in Christian theology these days.

John Caputo (Weakness of God) and those who follow his Derridean ways prefer to speak of the name of God as an event. There is an event housed in the name of God the beckons us – we respond to this call … and are not that concerned wether there is a caller, or if we can know that there is one.

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Tony Campolo, Which is All You Need to Know, Really.


Truth bomb via Tony Campolo:

…here in the United States of America, there is one overarching need [in the church], and it’s to recognize that the greatest enemy of Christianity is NOT secularism, it’s consumerism. (37:41)

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Maybe the Mayans Weren’t Wrong

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ZOMG, this sentence almost made my drink (I’m not telling what) spill out of my nostrils. I was laughing because 1) it’s so unexpected and 2) so true.

Zizek is oft-quoted as saying Christians are fascinated with the end of the world because it is easier to imagine life ceasing to exist on planet earth than it is for Christians to imagine an economy after capitalism.