What The Monopoly Properties Look Like In Real Life


Vermont Ave: The centerpiece of Vermont is the Absecon Light, the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey at 171 feet. Built in 1854, it was officially deactivated in 1933 but still lights up every night. You can now tour a recreation of the keeper’s house, as well as climb to the top of the lighthouse (only 228 steps!).


Image source and article – click through to see all the rest of the Monopoly streets: http://www.scoutingny.com/?p=6935


How Much Does It Really Cost to Be Batman?

Movieclips Trailers analyzed the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and compared Batman’s gear to current market prices to come up with the definitive price it would take to be the dark knight.

h/t: http://gizmodo.com/how-much-does-it-really-cost-to-be-batman-1157671091

Wall-E Recreated as an Amazing Real-Life Bot

Hashtag: #nerdgasm

1:49 “The first thing we found was that there were known objects in the movie. We had a Rubik’s Cube, there was a VHS tape, and so we started with the hands and worked our way backwards. And once we had that scale, we were able to extrapolate how large the hands were in relation to the body, how big the body was in relation to the head, and so that’s the way we worked – sort of in reverse.”

What Abstract Art Would Look Like in Real Life

“Nowadays almost every photographer use graphics software to complete the picture, like many painters used ‘original version’ in the past.

Some artists use pure imagination to paint their artwork, others may prefer to create art by using a real life model as reference for the anatomy.

What if these abstract models were real people?”


Image source and article: http://gizmodo.com/what-abstract-art-would-look-like-in-real-life-493235932

Flo From Progressive Photo: The Actress In Real Life

…so even though she’s totally not my (usual) type, can I admit that I have kind of a crush on Progressive’s character, Flo?

“Flo in particular is cool because unlike the ever-in-pink T-Mobile girl or always-beaming Orbit girl, she doesn’t seem to be there just for decoration. Flo runs the show at the Progressive store, she knows what she’s talking about and she doesn’t dress like I did when I was six.”


Image source and article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/18/flo-from-progressive-photo_n_3108932.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false